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​Daniel Marques & Rodrigo Ursaia



DM/RU Duo presents a new repertoire based on folkloric and regional afro-brazilian rhythms such as samba, choro, frevo and maracatu. This project showcases a jazzy aproach to this new original material. Also in their concerts are presented authentic versions of pieces of renowned Brazilian composers, such as Hermeto Pascoal, Tom Jobim, Guinga and Baden Powell.


Heavily based on percussive elements and new bass lines technique, Daniel’s unique style of playing the 7-string guitar impresses the most renowned guitarists around the world showing an orchestral innovative sonority: the whole rythm section in his hands. Winner of the Brazilian Grammy (Prêmio da Música Brasileira - 2010) he has been acclaimed as "one of the most representative guitarrists of the new generation in Brazil" (“O Globo” newspaper – June, 2012).


In this project, Daniel is joined by flutist/saxophonist Rodrigo Ursaia, a musician with extensive international experience and virtuosic reputation. Awarded the ‘Virtuose’ scholarship from Brazilian Ministry of Culture in 2000, Rodrigo won the same award as Daniel althought in a different year (‘Prêmio da Música Brasileira’ – 2012). Rodrigo has shared the stage with Rosa Passos, Tom Jobim, Toninho Horta, Guinga, Ivan Lins...



New album: "The Scarecrow"


"Original, rhythmic and artfully conceived,

Daniel Marques and Rodrigo Ursaia defy all

convention to create an instrumental music

that is edgy and truly innovative."

 (The Akademia Awards, 2016 - USA)

After touring abroad for two consecutive years, Daniel Marques (7 string guitar) and Rodrigo Ursaia (sax / flute) registered their friendship and musical affinity in an new album presenting all original material. The new CD features 8 songs composed by Daniel and arranged by the Duo.


Brazilian rhythms are explored in a bold and virtuous manner: frevo, bossa, choro, forró, samba and a tune called "War Suite" in three movements honoring the painter Candido Portinari.

Double Awarded Album: 


- best instrumentalists album of the year
("Melhores Instrumentistas do Brasil - 2015")
- best song "The Scarecrow"
("The Akademia Music Awards" - USA )


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