Brazilian 7 String Guitar Albuns

"Daniel is now releasing his debut solo album, Carnaval de Perneta (2012, Bolacha Discos). This CD offers a different view of Brazilian Carnival and Folk music. Featuring all original material, the project showcases Daniel's compositions and arrangements, production and leadership. With a jazzy approach, including a variety of percussions, bass, a touch of trombone and occasional vocalizing, Marques creates a unique, exploding sound full of sparks." ('All about Jazz' website).

Electric Guitar

(Solo projects and collaborations)

        Double Awarded Album: 

- best instrumentalists album of the year

("Melhores Instrumentistas do Brasil - 2015")
- best song "The Scarecrow"
("The Akademia Music Awards" - USA )

"Original, rhythmic and artfully conceived,

Daniel Marques and Rodrigo Ursaia defy all

convention to create an instrumental music

that is edgy and truly innovative."

 (The Akademia Awards, 2016 - USA)

After touring abroad for two consecutive years, Daniel Marques (7 string guitar) and Rodrigo Ursaia (sax / flute) registered their friendship and musical affinity in an new album presenting all original material. The new CD features 8 songs composed by Daniel and arranged by the Duo.


Brazilian rhythms are explored in a bold and virtuous manner: frevo, bossa, choro, forró, samba and a tune called "War Suite" in three movements honoring the painter Candido Portinari.