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New Brazilian Music


Daniel offer exciting workshops that feature his musical concepts on the 7-string guitar, presenting unique approaches of performing and composing. Based on percussive elements and in an innovative technique for bass lines Daniel explores different possibilities of arrangements for guitar and ensembles as well as big bands. Marques creates on that instrument showcasing a surprising quasi-orchestral sonority: the whole rhythm section at his hands.

This way he introduces the participants to a new contemporary language in the world of samba, choro, bossa-nova, Brazilian jazz encompassing many other Brazilian and universal rhythms.
In these hands-on workshops, Marques share his original compositions with students, apllying this material to many other instruments, using rythmicall vocal sketches and even body language when necessary.

While working with an ensemble, these workshops can vary in format, and can be facilitated using either only guitars, only percussions, or a mix of both with any other kind of instruments. They are open to a diverse audience of all levels including children, adolescents, adults, beginners, professional musicians, teachers, and students. Daniel has led workshops at various festivals and social projects, and for musical groups and music schools in South America and Europe.

Brazilian Guitar/Ensemble Workshops/Masterclasses

Workshop in Finland: Haapavesi Folk Festival
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